I feel like tearing out my hair when an anchorperson asks the expert panelists, “If Kalabagh dam has all the benefits that you say then why do people oppose it”, and the panelists are as blank as the anchorperson. They are blissfully unaware that the top leadership of PPP and ANP has, through a combination of ignorance and parochialism, turned entire provinces against the Kalabagh dam project. Benazir Bhutto has said that Sindh would become a desert if a dam were built, not knowing that the chances of Sindh becoming a desert are much more if it is not built. The Bhasha dam will be too little and too late to save Sindh. Wali khan had said that he would blow a gasket if the dam were built. I hope the anchorpersons read this and don’t ask this question again. Babar Awan also plays a role when he told the anchorperson that PML-N having a majority in parliament should take up this issue in the House. He knows too well about the very strong feelings in Sindh against the dam. Does Babar Awan want to pit Punjab against Sindh in a water war? With Sindh threatening to break the federation as a repeat of what Sindh did when Musharraf was about to go for Kalabagh dam as the dam of choice. It is only the PPP leadership that can undo the harm that has been done, otherwise nature will teach us a lesson we will never forget. 


Lahore, October 27.