QUETTA - The incidents of violence against womenfolk could not decline in Balochistan as 36 women lost lives in honour killing.

According to report of non-governmental organisation working for rights of women in Balochistan disclosed gut-wrenching revelations on International Women Day by depicting more lamentable picture of women in Balochistan. “Collectively 76 women braved violence during 2016 among whom 36 lost lives in notorious saga of honour killings ,” unearthed report, while 22 women were gunned down over other reasons.

It should be known that 30 women lost lives in honour killing last year while 26 women were shot dead in other incidents. The patriarchal Balochistan seems having no space for women as the 36 cases of honour killings justified the stereotype discourse of patriarchy. The eye-soar incidents ended not here, seven women sustained injuries in various cases while eight women committed suicide and one case of rape was also reported during the prevailing year. 

Acid thrown cases have also been reported in various parts.

The report revelation talked of the province where women role in societal and political spheres are next to nothing and they are confined to the four walls of houses.


Most of ambulances in Balochistan hospitals have revealed to be unregistered.

Excise and Taxation Director General Syed Zaffar Ali Bukhari told media on Friday that the sage of unregistered ambulances disclosed after the August 8 Civil Hospital Quetta suicide detonation.

He added majority of government and private ambulances, discharging services in most of hospitals in Balochistan including Quetta, were not registered.

The Excise and Taxation Department, Bukhari commented, launched free registration campaign for ambulances and so far 65 ambulances had been registered.

Earlier, only 377 ambulances were registered in Balochistan, DG Excise and Taxation counted the number of ambulances and told all unregistered ambulances would be closed after first December.