Malnutrition in Pakistan


Pakistan has high level of malnutrition. 24% of the population is undernourished. According to a recent research of national food and agriculture organisation FAO 37.5 a million people in Pakistan are not receiving the proper nourishment. This issue is commonplace and widespread due to the deficiencies ranging from protein to iodine, vitamins to calcium, and other health problems of an insufficient intake of these essential nutrients. In 2001 it was noted that 54% children die occur around the world in developing countries due to malnutrition. This occurs in Pakistan due to poverty, low consumption of food, low nutritional value in food, weather conditions, poor sanitation, child mortality, unequal distribution of resources, over population and many other factors causing malnutrition. To solve this problem of malnutrition in Pakistan there should be the adoption of various methods like the usage of fertilisers to grow better crops, policies should be made by the government to provide food security to the masses, motivational lectures should be organised in order to elucidate the importance of various components in a child’s diet, controlling over population, equal distribution of resources and providing family planning guidance that will lead to more food availability.


Karachi, October 24.

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