KARACHI - Sindh Rangers DG Major General Bilal Akbar announced three programmes for the reforms and rehabilitation of the terrorism victims in Karachi.

He said that during last three year Karachi operation, law and orders situation of the city became normal. He said that Karachi operation will continue against terrorists, target killers, extortionists, facilitators and financiers. He said that skill development center will be established with the help of provincial and federal governments. The centre will facilitate thousands of students, who will learn vocational skills that will make them skilful and help to live. “Children who have been victims to terrorism will be preferred for admission at the centre,” he said. The second major step for the rehabilitation of terrorism victims is called “victim support program”, he said. “We will extend our support to victims of terrorism and other criminal activities after data collection of different terrorism-related incidents,” he said. He said that a support group for the victims will be formed. A third step will to rehabilitate petty criminals and those remains in the influence of gangsters. “Over 30 children have already joined the Rangers Rehabilitation Centre.


 This is responsibility of all institution to give their input for long term peace in Karachi.”