The construction of Satpara dam started 7 years ago but is still not completed. There are many technical problems which need to be addressed. It is said the there is a leakage in the dam which is quite dangerous. The sotong nallah tunnel which was reflected in PC1 has not been included so the dam can’t get the required level of water. This multiple purpose dam was envisaged for the purpose irrigation and the generation of electricity which will now not be fulfilled. A huge amount has been spent more than 7 billion rupees. The concerned agency still failed to bring these facts to public. I would like to request the PM to order a technical committee to investigate this case. Only 1200 million is required for the construction of Sotong nallah which be included in the scheme. The people of Baltistan are still facing a worse load shedding this summer as well in winter which goes beyond minus 20 degrees. 


Islamabad, October 23.