Rawalpindi-The anti-car lifting cell, formed by SP CIA, has busted car lifting gangs while 22 stolen vehicles of worth millions of rupees were recovered from them.

The police have compiled the data of all the stolen vehicles in computer and have also deputed the police officers having the laptops containing the data on all entry and exit points of the city to arrest the car snatching/lifting gangs.

Moreover, police have been taking concrete steps to eliminate crime from the city.

These views were expressed by City Police Officer (CPO) Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi while addressing a press briefing at Police Line Number 1.

He was flanked by SP Investigation/CIA Maria Mehmood.

CPO Israr Abbasi said that while taking notice of increasing incidents of car lifting and snatching he has assigned a task to SP CIA Maria Mehmood to form a special team to bust the gangs involved in auto theft in the city.

He said SP formed a special ACLC and started working on the assignment and managed to recover stolen, snatched or tempered vehicles from different parts of the province.

He said many vehicles have been returned to their owners. CPO added special teams have also been formed at police station level to control the heinous crime of car lifting.

Vigilance has also been enhanced on all the entry and exit points of the city to curb car theft by deputing trained police officers having laptops containing the data of stolen cars, he said.

The receivers either returned the cars to victim owners against the money or tempered the vehicles and again sold it at the hands of different people.

He said police were making all out efforts to curb car snatching/theft from the city. He said cameras were also installed at pickets established at exit and entry points of the city to monitor the activities of car lifters. A control room was also made at Rescue 15 in this regard, he said.

Replying to a query of media men, CPO Israr Abbasi said he has devised a special strategy to reduce the ratio of street crime by pulling all the extra force from different places and deputing them on special pickets.