KASUR-Indifference on the part of officials of the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) is now taking its toll on public health as the pipes supplying water to various areas of Kasur city have been left knackered.
The report of a survey conducted by The Nation reveals that residents of different localities of Kasur city are forced to drink contaminated water. It is due to water supply pipes which have been wrecked and unchanged for past several years.
This correspondent visited several localities of the district where people told him that water pipes in their areas are too old and broken from several spots. "Water being supplied through these pipes often gets mixed with sewage - as water and sewage pipes laid side by side - and resultantly, becomes injurious for people's health," they said. "People have reportedly been falling victim to diarrhoea, uric acid, jaundice, gastrointestinal diseases and digestive orders due to consumption of contaminated water," they added.
Besides, filters of water filtration plants, installed at different places across the city, have been left unchanged since long. The survey reveals that 80 percent population of Kasur city gets water from filtration plants which are not functioning well because their filters have not been changed since the time these plants had been established. Dwellers of Kasur city are now faced with scarcity of clean water. Women at homes do not find clean water to wash pots and pans. So do the faithful who lack clean water at mosques for ablution.
Talking to The Nation, people said they have submitted several complaints to the authorities concerned but to no avail. "We also staged several protests to draw authorities' attention to the matter but in vain," they added. They demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Kasur Deputy Commissioner Saira Umar look into the matter and resolve their problem.
Mediamen fume
at police failure
Local journalist community flayed police failure to arrest the dacoits who fired indiscriminate shots on Kasur Press Club (KPC) President Haji Sharif Mehr during a robbery despite the lapse of eight-and-a-half-month.
Talking to The Nation, Kasur Press Club Chairman Ajmal Shad said that the police failure to arrest culprits of the robbery with the KPC president has raised serious concerns among mediamen. "It has put a question mark on the police performance," he added.
Union of Journalists Group Leader Mehr Javed said that the police failure to arrest dacoits has disappointed not only the journalist community but also inhabitants of Kasur district. "It seems police are no longer capable to protect life and property of the common man," he flayed.
Emra Chairman Mehr Abdur Rehman termed attack on the KPC president an attack on the entire journalist community. He urged the police to make all-out efforts to arrest the culprits.
Emra Group Leader Takreem Ali urged the police to consider mediamen's concerns. He demanded DPO Zulfiqar Ahmed take effective steps to net the robbers. He also demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif take notice of the police failure.