With Khalistan 2020 campaign kicking up in North America, Europe and Australia; South Block on the Rajpath is getting nervous. The community has a genuine case and their Diaspora around the globe is not only vibrant but also having a political voice to be heard in important capitals like Washington, Ottawa, London, Canberra and Islamabad.

Why Khalistan movement is gaining a new momentum?

Second generation of Sikhs, after their genocide of 1984, has grown up in Indian Punjab and sees no change in status quo; the exploitation of Sikh community at the hands of Brahmin continues unabated, Sikh identity remains elusive and Punjab is suffering from a bewildered youth put on drugs by the wily Brahmin. The enterprising Sikh community is gradually being pushed back into oblivion.

Sikh diaspora’s political awareness and attachment to roots is a silver lining. Sikh demand for Khalistan is touching a new high. Some of the Sikh diaspora activists are second generation of Sikh families who were prosecuted in and after Operation Blue Star and decided to migrate to free lands of Europe, North America, Middle East,South East Asia and even Australia. The stories of Sikh massacres in 1984, like Hondh-Chillar when 132 Sikhs were burnt alive by members of Indian National Congress in Haryana and the burning of Pataudi Gurudawara under the guidance of Congress Leader Lalit Maken, are some of the gruesome incidents which haunt the Indian Government even today.

The discovery of mass graves of remains of those burnt alive by an engineer, Manwinder Singh Giaspur in 2011, raised another storm in Sikh community and is still being pursued by Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) led by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. SFJ maintains that 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms were an orchestrated and organised campaign of genocide and successive Indian governments have never investigated these gruesome incidents to cover up the dark chapter of Sikh genocide at the hands of Indian state.

It is surprising how these families remained glued to their Sikhi roots and have transferred their inheritance to next generation. The next generation of Sikh Diaspora community is an enterprising lot with stories of success acknowledged by host countries. No wonder Sikh community has produced leaders such as Defence Minister of Canada Harjit Singh Sajjan, Dr Amarjit Singh of Khalistan Affairs in North America and the seasoned scholar for TV 84, Gurpatwant Singh Punnun of SFJ and first Sikh MP in British parliament Tan Dhesi. Similarly women Sikh activists like Tajinder Kaur of Australia, Bibi Preetam Kaur Ji Khalsa and ex Babbar Singh Khalsa fighter Bibi Sandeep Kaur Khalsa, who has spent her life time for the cause of Khalistan and raising of orphan children of Sikhs who were massacred by Indian forces during and after Operation Blue Star, are testament to the fact that the spirit of Khalistan has lived on.

Some of the activities of Sikhs for Justice or SFJ, which are not covered by mainstream media in India or Pakistan are tabulated below to highlight the struggle of Sikh Diaspora.

SFJ filed one million dollar defamation suit against CM of Indian Punjab, Capt Arminder Singh in Canada in April this year. SFJ organized massive gatherings in New York demanding separation of Punjab from India on 25 April 2017.Smilarly Sikh community organised Khalsa Day parade in April this year, this created serious anxiety and Indian high Commission in Ottawa launched a formal complaint for the public display of floats with images of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Shaheed. SFJ telecasted a live programme on Khalistan referendum 2020 in July. SFJ actively participated as observers in Kurd and Catalonia referendums and haveasked the rebel government of Barcelona to support Khalistan 2020 referendum.

Another major factor is that Sikh diaspora community is more united for their rights and cause; something being witnessed even today, as they collectively raise their voice for the innocent

Jaggi Singh, who was arrested by RSS goons in Amritsar recently. In an unprecedented show of solidarity, Sikh community in Indian Punjab as well as diaspora unanimously raised their voice against high handed policies of Indian government and RSS thugs who arrested Jaggi. As reported by Mail Online , hundreds of Sikh protesters marched outside the Foreign Office in Whitehall in support of a British Sikh who they claim has been abducted and ‘tortured’ by police in India. The crowd demanded the release of Jagtar Singh(Jaggi), who was detained by police in Punjab. They say the Government has ignored the plight of Scotsman Mr Singh, known to friends and family as Jaggi, who they claim has been and subjected to ‘body separation techniques’ and electric shocks. Supporters also fear Mr Singh may die in police custody unless the government acts soon.

Catalonia and Kurd referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan in an era of information empowerment of masses has produced new challenges to heterogeneous states like India. No wonder South Block is seriously worried about such trends and thinks that Khalistan 2020 referendum could shake the foundation of Indian union. Saffronized India is one of the main reasons, why 70% of oppressed communities in India would love to get freedom. RSS agenda has support from BJP leadership, recent events have shown that RSS cabal couldn’t care less about other communities as far as Hindutva agenda gives them an edge in vote bank politics. Historically, Sikh heroes are villains for Hindus; the revered hero of Khalistan, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale is a villain for RSS cabal as he challenged the status quo and demanded Sikh rights.

New machination of RAW and RSS cabal to highjack Sikh identity through likes of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been badly exposed. This cabal is also trying to create an environment of fear in Indian Punjab by alleged implication of Pakistan in Khalistan movement; it is expected that RAW sponsored false flag operations in Indian Punjab would be launched in near future to suppress the voices of genuine dissent.

Indian South Block also fears the possibilities of two Ks to combine; Kashmir and Khalistan. Sikh community within Indian Punjab as well as Sikh Diaspora in the west has supported the cause of plebiscite in Kashmir.

Pakistan may need to air the voice of Sikh activists, especially when BRA, BLA terrorists get space on Indian and international media whereas Sikhs with genuine demand for freedom are being gagged due to Indian diplomatic clout. When Modi can support the bogey of free Balochistan from rampart of the Red Fort, why a demand for Khalistan cannot be supported by Islamabad?


The writer is a freelance journalist.