MULTAN  -  The Punjab Commission on Status of Women (PCSW) has launched a 15-day-long campaign to raise awareness among the women about their rights often denied in the society in general.

Under the campaign, a series of seminars, walks, and special sessions in schools, colleges, universities, health institutes, and other government offices would be arranged, said PCSW Multan Coordinator Mughees Ahmed while talking to media persons.

He informed that the Punjab government introduced different reforms for protection of rights of the women, and added that 7,000 marriage registrars (Nikkah Khawan) were imparted training in South Punjab basically for filling 'nikkah nama'.

She said that some points which ensure protection of women rights are often ignored during filling of marriage deed. The government introduced some new family laws and announced penalty of Rs5,000 to Rs200,000 in case of under-age marriage. Parents and Nikkah Khawan will have to face penalties for any violation in this regard.

Similarly, according to new laws women would hold inherited property for at least a period of one year."The women are deprived of their share in property in the name of gift to family members", he said.

Punjab government also launched one-window loaning facility for women entrepreneurs at Bank of Punjab. Skilled women could get soft loans from the Bank.

Mughees further remarked that the government also established transition houses wherein women with matriculation degree could avail residence and learn different skills to earn living.

Responding to a question, Coordinator PCSW said they were also working on women harassment issues at workplaces. He added that the complaints of women harassment were more numerous in the Health department.

He regretted that in some backward areas a good number of newly born girls were not registered at Union Council level. The Punjab Commission on the Status of Women helped to resolve these cases by removing different hurdles, he remarked.

On the occasion, member Executive PCSW Shaista Bukhari and officers of Social Welfare Department were also present.