Procrastination has to be one of the most relatable and painful experience for all humans. Students in general, taste this sweet dose of death quite often as they usually find focusing on one task and find its completion the hardest thing to do, but leaving all of that aside.

What do we actually mean by the term procrastination? In simple terms, we can define it by saying that it’s the lack of will power to get started on a task or to complete it, and in broader terms it’s the urge of the body and mind to take a few extra minutes of rest before getting started on some task which we mentally build to be a lot more tougher than it actually is. This is a serious concern for many as the end result of procrastination is always the same i.e. we are forced to put a lot of extra effort to get the easiest of errands run as we do not have a lot of time left.

Maybe, we are pampered to a point that we don’t like working. Instead, we look for easy ways. In foreign countries, everyone cooks their own food, iron their clothes and clean their home but in Pakistan, many people want to get married so that they could be taken care of via their wives. This hinders the growth of a successful society and makes a person lethargic. In universities, the major issue of lack of getting good GPA due to relying on their classmates to plagiarize their assignments. They don’t put extra effort to learn from internet and course books and instead, blame the system. By this point they become pessimistic towards life, blame the system and think about escapist tendencies.

To start working on procrastination, you need to know the number one rule of successful people i.e. do not complain. Realize that you have faults inside you and with help of certain steps, you can overcome them, gradually. Make short term goals and go for incremental progress.

Good company also matters because if your friends are procrastinators, it is highly likely that you will adopt their negative habits. When you start your efforts, don’t put them off if you don’t get expected results the first time. Things take time and your struggle matters. You live in a realistic world so drop your perfectionist attitude. Also know that this life is yours and yours alone. Others may give umpteenth lectures about self-improvement or share tons of motivational videos but if you don’t take the first step and continue your effort yourself, you will not see the improvement you were looking for.