The district administration and Metropolitan Corporation Lahore will set up a permanent monitoring camp at shrine of Hazrat Usman Bin Ali Hajveri to prevent encroachments in future.  The home to most frequent temporary encroachments, Data Darbar, will now have an army of employees of MCP and District Administration to keep an eye on land grabbers. It will be real challenge for the administration which has traditionally been shying away from launching an operation around the shrine due to unknown reasons.  This is the first time that a full-fledged monitoring camp will be set up. The main reason for encroachments was ill-planned parking lots around the shrine that irked the Lahore DC who ordered MCL to chalk out a plan for removal of these parking lots.   Deputy Commissioner Lahore Saleha Saeed on Monday supervised a crackdown against encroachment around the shrine following Lahore High Court orders to remove the encroachments. Three shops around Data Darbar were sealed.  The operation was carried out under supervision of Deputy Commissioner Saleha Saeed. She ordered to chalk out a plan for parking stands around the shrine and she visited the basement of Data Darbar.