Education Minister Murad Raas has said that equitable access to schooling, improvement of government schools and institutional betterment are our priorities so that the targets of educational reforms could be achieved.

He was presiding over the 2nd day session of provincial level educational conference at Quaid-e-Azam Academy of Educational Development (QAED) on Tuesday. Secretary Schools Zafar Iqbal and others also attended the 2nd day session. Various proposals and ideas came under discussion to improve the quality of education of government run schools in the Punjab.

Addressing the meeting, Murad Raas said that the government is committed that every child should go to schools to excel in life through the ladder of education. He said that new Pakistan cannot be formed without first ensuring hundred percent enrollments as educated youth is the vanguard of development.

He said that field staff of the SED department has to play an important role in achieving governmental targets. He added that QAED is an important institution to impart training to the teachers and government is contemplating to transform it as the premier think tank for devising future policies. Government is fully committed to provide best facilities to the field staff as they are the backbone of the department, he added.