RAHIM YAR KHAN   -  Punjab Food Authority (PFA) director general sealed an outlet of international food chain McDonald's due to unhygienic conditions on Sunday night.

PFA South Punjab spokesperson Yasir Arfat told the media that PFA DG Captain (r) M Usman raided the outlet of the fast food chain near Sheikh Khalifa Public School in Ittehad Garden area on Sunday night. The DG found unsatisfactory arrangements of cleanliness there.

The restaurant management did not have record of oil change, and the cooking oil was converted into rancid form which contained injurious constituents that might increase risk of developing diseases i.e. cancer, heart related problems etc. He added that at McDonald's, the water filtration plant was also not working properly.

According to the PFA sources, some customers complained to the McDonald's administration a few days back when they were served with hot burgers packed in newspapers.

The employees tried to settle the matter after apologising the customers, but the customers complained to the PFA authorities upon which the PFA DG himself checked the chain.

The restaurant was inaugurated 17 days earlier on November 9, 2018. When journalists visited the McDonald's on Monday, the security guards told them that machinery of the restaurant was out of order due to which it would remain closed for a few days.