ISLAMABAD   -  Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Sunday said opening of Karatarpura border was a huge peace initiative of Pakistan and it had support of the world including European Union.

He was speaking as a chief guest at the opening ceremony of the 4th edition of Human Rights through Cinematography Film Festival here at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA).

Fawad said “We have recently taken initiatives. We are opening Kartarpura border. This is a big huge peace initiative and has the support of the whole world and the European Union.”

The minister said Pakistan had long and historic relations with the countries in European Union and with EU itself. The continuous efforts by the European Union to promote human rights in Pakistan were commendable and the EU had done effective work in the country, he added.

“I congratulate you for the efforts and I want you to stand by Pakistan in all of its efforts. Pakistan highly values its relationship with European Union.”

Earlier in a tweet, Fawad said that Pakistan through its conduct has once again shown who stands for peace in South Asia and which force is not sincere.  The minister said Prime Minister Imran Khan had clearly shown that Pakistan stands for peace in the region. Fawad said Kartarpura border opening was history in the making and it would judge those who stood on the wrong side.

Addressing the festival, the minister said 27 movies (documentaries) from different countries would be shown in the festival starting with “illiberal democracy” a German movie.

Fawad said he would like European Union to be proactive to look into what was going on in Indian-occupied Kashmir. “The way Kashmiris have been treated in Indian-occupied Kashmir is a matter of concern not only for Pakistan but for the whole world.”

He said human rights were all about understanding each other’s issues. “We all stand for freedom. We all stand for each other’s rights. So once the world will be able to define where their rights end and others’ rights start that will be the conclusion and the epitome of human rights,” he added.

The minister said United Nations declaration of human rights was a milestone in human history. The start of human rights movement was very pessimist and bitter “but we are moving towards the right direction and that is important”. “This festival and other efforts that the world is making to achieve these high goals are commendable and all the governments and the saner elements of the society must support this movement,” he concluded.

Ambassador of the European Union Jean Francois Cautain in his remarks said art and culture in general and documentary film in particular was playing an important role for understanding the world and its people.

He said new stories and narratives from all around the world form a basis for more inclusive and in-depth dialogues on human rights issues relevant for everybody.