Inflation rate in the country came in at 8.5 percent in the first 100 days of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf government.

PTI government only relied on the foreign aids and failed to give an effective economic policy for the country, suggested analysts.

During the first 100 days of PTI government the remittances decreased to $2bn and Rs325bn development budget cut during these initial days, which affected badly the ongoing projects of the government.

The rupee depreciation was seen during 100 days, the rate of dollar jumped to 134 rupees.

The trade deficit also increased, the imports increased to $4.72bn and exports decreased to $2.06bn.

The rate of gas and electricity also increased during these 100 days of PTI, and the subsidy of Rs146bn removed on electricity.

The circular debt of power sector also not decreased, and the rate of gas also increased by 140 pc.

The petroleum products also increased by 7 rupees, duty on imported items also increased.

During the first three months the budget deficit reached to 11.77tr rupees, while 1.26tr rupees revenue generated from July to Sep, the expanses were Rs16.43tr, while interest on the loan was 5tr rupees.

PTI government failed to change the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) system, and FBR failed to meet their tax targets and Rs80bn less tax collected during the trimester.