KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi President Khaurram Sher Zaman stated that effected people of legal markets like Garden Market, Light House, Jama Cloth, Aram Bagh, Frere Market and Lee Market are yet unable to get any alternate or compensation for their businesses.

Sher Zaman said: “We have already said that it was necessary to demolish the encroachments over footpaths, roads and parks as well as illegal marriage halls and government lands. We are with you in this noble act. The orders of the Supreme Court must be obeyed but the Mayor Wasim Akhtar is taking wrong advantages in the name of CJP orders.”

He said: “We, ourselves, are in favour of demolition against illegal encroachments but the legal markets should be left alone and not be harmed in any way.” The mayor wishes to strengthen his politics using operation against encroachments, he added.

The PTI president said that the hawkers and vendors who sell goods in front of other shops are still in the places where the operation against encroachment has ended. The people who encroached illegally and who supported this act should be arrested.

NAB should intervene and look into the agreements that allowed illegal encroachments. The amount earned through these encroachments as well as the taxes received from illegally occupied shops, should be probed, he said and added that the signboards broken by the mayor and the amount being earned through them should be investigated.

He adamantly stated that these steps of the mayor cannot discourage our voters. It is the last tenure of the mayor and the next mayor of the city will be from PTI.