Terror attack at Chinese Consulate Karachi proved to be a litmus test. It weighed up again the immortality of the bond between Pakistan and China. The test was the toughest one and was a fresh reality check to fathom profoundness of amity between both countries. Definitely it intended to inflict harms to relations as viciously orchestrated by enemies. Hurray! Both passed this test with dignity and integrity upholding the supremacy of resilient friendliness and innate brotherhood.

The divine chemistry of alliance has already been proven and tested through thick and thin over the time. Their legendary ties again stayed unhurt riding out terror assault with audacity.

No doubt miscreants who are hell-bent on wrecking Pak-China relations and CPEC’s epic progress have a long held wish to engender fissure between them. They failed whenever they longed for doom. They had been frustrating over the scenario despite launching scathing propagandas in an attempt to poison the minds of both sides.

After their villainous hopes to split them and halt CPEC, flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative, were dashed down. After their full-scale malice and malign that in the guise of CPEC, China is sucking natural resources of Pakistan, destroying indigenous industry, controlling local markets and financial sectors, plunging it into debt trap and wickedly making Pakistan its colony. After they ate an humble pie observing that CPEC is unleashing its socio-economic results to stabilise economy and lives of common man, public and private Chinese enterprising are pouring in for more investments plans in Pakistan, new avenues of collaboration are being tapped setting tone of new era of cooperation, immersive development is taking a front seat in Balochistan and top of them when China-Pakistan negotiation for bailout package are making serious headways.

In fits of depression, agents of chaos planned to put up mean show of terror by attempting to storm into Chinese consulate Karachi. However, all their heinous targets remained unmet. True bond won and cowardice act sunk. Afterward, world witnessed wonderful display of amity when China expressed complete trust on Pakistan, intelligence agencies and police personnel. They sang praise for guards who embraced martyrdom but never let terrorists to cast evil eye on the lives of Chinese diplomats, staffers and other inmates.   

Soon Chinese social media networks got flooded with hearty appreciations to martyred policemen and female SSP Suhai Aziz Talpur who led the operation and neutralised the situation. Media houses and officials paid rich tributes to them for foiling the terror strikes.

Exhibiting immense love and respect to Pakistan policemen assistant sub-inspector Ashraf (Dawood) and constable Amir (Khan) who laid their lives in the line of duty protecting Chinese consulate Karachi, thousands Chinese living in China as well as in Pakistan has started pouring in donations for them. In recognition of their unmatched services, thousands of money has been collected so far. More rewards including Pakistan official laurels are also expected. 

Another gesture of true bond made headlines when Chinese officials condemned Indian media which tried to glorify terrorists of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). There are strong allegations that India was behind BLA. “India created them, trained them, armed them and now has been hatching terror activities against Pakistan. As India never accepted CPEC, epic vision of Chinese President Xi Jinping, it mastermind ploy to massacre Chinese diplomats using BLA terrorists,” senior Pakistan diplomat alleged.

In the aftermath of terror attack at Chinese Consulate Karachi, there is dire need of hour to formulate special security division (SSD) in National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) to protect so much so 100 diplomats and other staffers living in Pakistan without any loss of time.

Except furnishing anti-terrorism paraphernalia, one of prime responsibilities of SSD is to develop a comprehensive security mechanism for the wide-range protection of Chinese diplomatic missions—consulates and embassy as well as Chinese people extending their services as businessmen, engineers and workers on all CPEC and non-CPEC projects in Pakistan.

Over the time, some developments came to fore featuring safety measures with establishing special security force under supervision of army, increase in number of CCTV cameras, escalations of deployments of security personnel and regular instructions to Chinese people on their movements. Currently, security audit of all the consulates with provision of bullet proof jackets to the police officials deployed there are also underway.

However proposed SSD could not be materialised despite the fact it was proposed that Rs 1.5 billion be allocated for National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) in budget 2018-19.

Latest terrors assault at Chinese Consulate Karachi drops a glaring hint about brewing fragility in the security system. It nails down the perception that security mechanism needs a deep review to figure out loop holes. Although FIR has been registered against BLA chief Hyrbyair Marri and 12 others suspects including Mian Aslam alias Achu alias Meeraq Baloch, Bashir Zaib, Noor Bakhsh Mengal, Kareem Marri, Captain Rehman Gul, Commander Nisar, Commander Gaindi. Law enforcement agencies also found traces of terror criminality. But lot is to be done to nip the evil in the bud.

The writer is a senior journalist working for China Today and China Radio International. He also contributes to national mainstreams newspapers on economy, international relation and human rights. He is a fellow of ICFJ.

The writer is a senior journalist working for China Today and China Radio International. He also contributes to national mainstreams newspapers on economy, international relation and human rights. He is a fellow of ICFJ.