OKARA  -  President Dr Arif Alvi said that the establishment of divisional level High Court benches would fulfil Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s pledge to provide justice at the doorstep of the people.

He stated these remarks while talking to a delegation led by Okara Insaf Lawyers Forum vice president Rai Atif Shair Advocate at Governor House, Lahore.

Dr Arif Alvi agreed that the people of Okara, Sahiwal, and Pakpattan had to undertake long and troublesome journey to Lahore to attend hearings of their cases.

“This way not only people’s money is spoilt, but their precious time is also wasted.”

On the occasion, Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar also supported the demand of Rai Atif and his delegation, and pledged to table the demand in the party’s meeting for early establishment of divisional benches of Lahore High Court.


Locals have been falling prey to the uncovered railway track passing through the midst of the city. Within last four days, two citizens have been cut to death by trains while crossing the railway tracks.

The railway track was laid before the partition; there were two or three factories at the southern side of the track. Within 70 years, population on the northern side of the city grew larger than the southern side of the track.

Earlier, there were also bollards along the railway track.

Now both parts of the city had businesses on both sides of the unguarded track. Locals demand the authorities concerned install bollards along the railway track to save people’s lives.


A na’at ceremony was held at the hall of Okara Press Club (OPC) the other evening which was participated by OPC president Sheikh Shehbaz Shaheen and other-office bearers and members.

City’s famous na’at khawans recited na’ats. MNA Ch Riazul Haq, MC chairman Ch Azhar, former MPA Ashraf Khan Sohna, Vegetable and Fruit Market president Ch Ashraf and common citizens also attended the na’at ceremony which ended before Maghrib prayers.