KARACHI - The dream of ‘change’ has already turned sour and the first 100 days of the present regime are not different from the last 100 days of the previous one, said Pasban Democratic Party President Altaf Shakoor.

Addressing a Pasban leaders meeting here Monday, he said that the present government and the past government are two faces of the same base coins, as both relied by corrupt turncoat electable.

He said that expecting a change from waderas, elite class and corrupt politicians is a big folly. He said that the present regime is also made of the same raw material which was used by the past rulers in making their brand of governments.

He said that the promised 100 days of Prime Minister Imran Khan are about to be completed and it seems that this time also the poor masses of Pakistan are cruelly doped and befooled.

Shakoor said that the rulers are snatching from the poor masses whatever little were available with them in past regime. He said that Imran Khan brought a good vision with a filthy corrupt team. He said that the vision of Imran Khan was liked by the people but his dismally inefficient team made the masses disappointed again.

He said that the hopeless team chosen by Imran Khan could not bring any change provided it is given 100 days or 100 years. He regretted Imran Khan handpicked inapt economists, ignoring the real patriotic experts in the field of economics. He said that it was in fact the first step of the failure of this government.

He said that the workers of the Pasban are the last hope for this nation. He said that the Pakistani masses would send the Pasban workers to local bodies and assemblies to serve them and bring a real and visible change.

Pasban Democratic Party chief organiser Iqbal Hashmi, Vice President Tariq Chandiwalla, Karachi chapter President Abdul Hakim Quaid, Pasban Business Forum President Waseemuddin Sheikh, Pasban Karachi General Secretary Sardar Zulfiqar, Saleem Janjua, Syed Rizwanul Haq, Muhammad Aslam Malik, Danish Qureshi, Asif Buksh and others also spoke.