LAHORE - The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has decided to make new party nominations through consensus in the party.  PTI Additional Secretary General Ejaz Chaudhry on Monday said the option of evolving consensus for various nominations will be used to avoid dissensions in the party.

 Talking to reporters at Chairman Secretariat here, Ejaz Ch said that party leadership may also exercise its discretion to fill a particular office where the party members fail to evolve consensus over one name. He said that party offices would be separated from the government offices in line with the party constitution.  He, however, said that an exception has been made in the party constitution for the office of Chairman who could keep both the offices. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan will continue to hold the office of party Chairman in case of his re-election. He said that party would be reorganized at the gross-roots level and the process would be completed by February 10 next year.