Islamabad-Under the provision of the Punjab Emergency Service Act, 2006 Section 5(g), the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) have been established at Union Council level and trained in all districts of Punjab in order to assist the service in safety promotion and management of emergencies. The CERTs are those volunteers, who render their services with the Punjab Emergency Service without any incentive throughout the year.  The vision behind the establishment of CERTs was to establish sustainable, healthy, safe and resilient communities and to contribute Sustainable Development Goals through volunteer participation in the field of green plantation drive, emergency preparedness and response, prevention of emergencies, promoting healthy and safe living, fire and building safety, road traffic accidents prevention, clean water and sanitation salutations, cleaning and recycling campaigns. To materialize this concept, the role of Safety Wing, Managers Training Center ESA, Community Safety Wing, all District Emergency Officers (DEOs) and Rescue Safety Officers are worth appreciating. This collective effort resulted to have volunteers’ teams for the National Challenge. Rescue 1122 is starting National Challenge for Volunteers from 26th to 28th November, 2018 at Emergency Services Academy (ESA) to assess, analyze, rate and encourage the best CERTs and rescue scout based on imparted emergency response skills at district level. Furthermore, this challenge would definitely enhance the professional emergency response capacity and develop disaster resilient communities in the country. Total 38 volunteer teams comprising of 8-10 members from all over Pakistan is participating in three day challenge where senior officers of Rescue Headquarters and Emergency Services Academy will evaluate Community Action for Disaster Response (CADRE) skills of all participating teams under supervision of Exercise Controller Muhammad Ahsan. The participating teams of districts will be given different scenarios, which include Management of Mass Causality Incident (MCI), Light Search and Rescue, Basic Life Support and First Aid, Response to Fire and Water Emergencies etc. 

The emergency service has a 14-year history, where it was started by Founder DG Dr Rizwan Naseer with full support of Ch Pervaiz Elahi CM Punjab of that time and later Ch Muhammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab and Hanzala Malik, Former Scottish Parliamentarian provided support from Glasgow,  in order to train Rescue Officers  to establish fire service on modern lines. National CERTs Challenge will be inaugurated by Hanzala Malik, Former Scottish Parliamentarian along with Dr Rizwan Naseer Founder Director General Punjab Emergency Service on 26th November, 2018.  The delegation from Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute

(AFPGMI) Rawalpindi consisting of 33 members headed by Commandant, AFPGMI Rawalpindi will also witness the competition between the first 12 volunteer teams at ESA.  It is also pertinent to mention that Punjab Emergency Service being a government organization has provided a platform to volunteers to work with government and has bridged up the gap between community and government organizations for effective disaster preparedness and response. Rescue Scouts under Rescue Mohafiz Program also volunteer at all mass gathering events like, Muharram, Eid, Rabi ul Awal after getting training from rescue trainers on internationally certified course Community Action for Disaster Response (CADRE).The CADRE skills competition for CERTs/ Volunteers in National Challenge is a unique activity which started last year, the best community teams of all districts of Punjab participate in the competition. The commencement of Volunteers Challenge at National Centre of Excellence, Emergency Services Academy will boost up the morale of participating teams as this is the same place where professional rescuers get trained and serve humanity. Since last year, volunteers are being provided with opportunities to render services an exhibit their skills at local, district, provincial and now at national level. Last year, this competition was organized in collaboration with VSO, UNV and Humanetek in which Chiniot got first, Layyah got second and Lahore received third position. It is also need of the hour to establish Volunteers Service Federation like Beijing Volunteer Service Federation (BVF), China to link up volunteers belongs to different organizations and  provide an umbrella of government organization to all volunteers so that power of humanity could be utilized  in true letter and spirit for establishment of a safer Pakistan.