ISLAMABAD  -   Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said the Right to Information Act will help bring transparency in the country to curb corruption.

He was addressing a ceremony in connection with launch of Federal Information Commission for implementation of the Federal Right to Information Law.

He said the law will help journalists to seek information on various issues from the government departments. Each government department will be obliged to give information in ten days. If it does not comply, the case will be sent to the relevant Commission.

He said a whistleblower act to curb corruption is also coming soon which is a great step towards ending this menace. Reward money of twenty per cent will be given from the recovered amount to the person who blows the whistle regarding any corruption.

The information minister said the information regarding granting of advertisements to the newspapers will also be made public soon. He said thirty four initiatives have been taken by the government under six themes during its one hundred days into power.  Referring to the achievements of his ministry, he said Right to Information Act is a significant achievement of his ministry.

He said the present government has given unprecedented freedom to media. It liberated the state-run radio and TV from the censorship of last 70 years. He said a state-of-the-art university, for not only Pakistan but also for the whole South Asia, has been planned by information ministry as part of 100 days plan.

He said structural reforms are also being made and revamping of broadcasting and information units is being done to improve efficiency.

Both Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television Corporation will be converged and brought under one authority or Board of Governors.

Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said that APP will be turned into a modern digital service at par with Reuters and other international wire agencies.

He said the previous governments made appointments on political basis due to which government departments became weaker. He said cumulative losses of PIA and Steel Mills in 5 years are around 552 billion rupees.

Chinese Fundraiser

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Monday said that enemies cannot disrupt the close strategic relations of Pakistan and China through conspiracies as both nations shared a deep-rooted friendship.

Addressing a ceremony in connection with collection of donations for martyred police personnel at Karachi, the minister said that terrorists’ attack on Chinese Consulate in the metropolitan was part of a big conspiracy to sabotage Pakistan’s friendly relations with China as some countries were wary of close ties between Beijing and Islamabad, but they would never succeed in their nefarious designs.

The minister said the entire nation was proud of their sacrifice and the governments of Pakistan and China  stand by their families.

Paying tribute to the martyred police personnel, he said that the martyred laid down their lives in line of duty by foiling the cowardly attack. He said that Pakistan Armed Forces, police, Rangers and other law-enforcement agencies, intelligent agencies  and the people have rendered unprecedented sacrifices in this war.

He said that fund-raising from Chinese community was proof of deep-rooted relations between the two neighborly countries.

Chinese Deputy Head of Mission Lijian Zhao said on the occasion that Chinese people were raising funds for the families of the two martyred police officers who foiled a terrorist attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi.

He said Pakistan’s friendship to Chinese is deeply rooted and originated from heart. Chinese enthusiasm for donation, expresses gratitude to policemen, reflecting a special feeling to Pakistan, which is also very touching, he added.

He said China and Pakistan are iron brothers and this is a people to people friendship. He said that  Chinese people volunteered to make donations for families of two policemen who sacrificed lives for protection of Chinese Consulate General in Karachi.

Zhao said that the attackers should remember that China have population of over 1. 4 billion and if each Chinese citizen donates one yen, 1.4 billion Renminbi would be collected.