Saudi Arbia -Pakistan friendship is stronger than iron and higher than Himalyas, history stands witness that since the inception of Pakistan, close ties have been observed between the two countries. Recently, Saudi kingdom has announced $6 billion US dollars aid package for Pakistan during the visit of PM Imran khan at KSA, in which $3 billion would be provided in the form of balance payment and remaining amount for oil import. As, both the countries have been supporting each other in their rainy days, there are a lot of examples of their bilateral relations in the history. In 1970, during the Arab-Israel war Pakistani troops were stationed in Saudi Arbia near Israeli border to defend Saudi Kingdom from any kind of odd situation. Similarly, Saudi Arbia supported Pakistan in its two wars with India in 1965 and 1971, respectively. In the Gulf war of 1990-91 Pakistani troops were sent for the defense of Saudi Arbia. In the recent times, Pakistan is a member of Saudi- led Islamic Military Alliance against terrorism; former Pakistani army chief General Raheel Shareef is holding the key position of commander -in- chief of IMA. Therefore, there is not a pinch of doubt that there is a kind of lead-strong friendship between both the countries.


Sindh, November 6.