SIALKOT        -             Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested 55 Pakistanis deported from Turkey, upon their arrival at Sialkot international airport. Senior FIA officials said that some international human traffickers and their local agents and sub agents had sent these accused Pakistanis to Turkey illegally after getting big amounts from them. The Turkish Security Authorities had arrested them for their illegal entry in Turkish Territories. They deported them back to Pakistan from Turkey. Officials added that FIA has sent the accused behind the bars after registering separate cases against them. Further investigations were underway, in this regard. Meanwhile, the district administration has imposed ban on the free-movement of cattle head on the roads under Local Government Act 132. Sialkot Deputy Commissioner Dr Umer Sher Chattha said that Sialkot Municipal Corporation has also announced Rs5,000 fine per cattle head for wandering on city roads. The owners of the cattle head will have to Rs5,000 fine for per cattle to Sialkot Municipal Corporation as well. Meanwhile, the staff of the Sialkot Municipal Corporation launched a crackdown on the stray cattle in Sialkot city’s various parts. Officials “impounded” as many as twenty stray cattle in Sialkot and fined their owners Rs.5000 per cattle.