After the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan country wide actions were taken against illegal encroachment and Land grabbing, particularly in province of Sindh anti encroachment department came in action and demolished so many houses, huts, and cottages illegally constructed on the sides of the roads in various towns and cities of the province.

Although the owners of such encroachments kept protesting against anti encroachment force but man in the street welcomed it, because illegal constructions were increasing difficulties for the people and causing heavy traffic jams in big cities as well as in small towns also.

We had seen the actions taken by anti encroachment department in urban areas but in rural areas Land grabbing was not being controlled. Thousands acres of land had occupied by powerful landlords. In some districts actions were taken against land grabbers by Provincial forest department and National accountability bureau (NAB) and released only few hundred acres from small Waderas, but big feudal who had grabbed thousands of acres were avoided to lay hold on. Both the departments are still failed to get released even 30% of land.

If some land of forest had been returned from land grabbers no tree plantation had been started over there, that is why landlords are preparing to re-cultivate or they are not allowing local people to graze their cattle on that field therefore they are forced to sell their animals. Farming animals is major source of income in rural areas. The forest department and NAB must take action against be land grabbers with the help of Pakistan rangers to get released the land and plant trees as soon as possible so as we can save our environment from effects of climate change.