I am a small business man and also an Abadgar of city Wahi Pandhi-hub of agriculture in the entire of taluka Johi, district Dadu Sindh. I visited Al-Habib Bank Branch (city code 1179, Deh Noorani City Johi) for the opening a new account on the 3rd of October 2019.

I met the concerned employee of the bank Imdad Ali Panhwar head of account section and asked I want to open a new account. He asked me what is your source of income? I replied, i am a retired government employee, a small business man and also an Abadgar of city wahi Pandhi, every year I send and receive hundreds of thousands of rupees from my pension and business. But he forbade me from opening my account without any reason. I tried to meet with the branch manager but who was not present at the branch. despite, being completed documented requirements concerned employee refused me to do so.

It is requested to concerned high ups to take an strict action against the noncooperation and miss use of power by AlHabib Bank branch’s employee Imdad Panhwar and conduct an impartial inquiry ad resolve my issue as soon as possible.


Wahi Pandhi.