Lahore - A seminar on adverse health effects of smog was held at Packages Limited.  The event was organised and sponsored by Infection Prevention and Control Foundation, Health and Hygiene.  Dr Asad Aslam Khan, CE Mayo Hospital and Dr Javed Hayat Khan (Consultant Pulmonologist PKLI & RC) were the main speakers while Fatima Khan (Senior Officer, Climate and Energy Practice, WWF) and Nasim ur Rehman Shah (Director EIA, Pakistan Environmental Agency) among the attendees.  Prof Dr Abdul Qadir of College of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Dr Ayesha Nasir, Founder of Scaryammi, and Journalist) also shared their views. The Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Foundation is the center of excellence in the Infection Prevention and Control sector of Pakistan to meet all the challenges including the provision of trained human resources, technology, and cutting-edge research.  The aim of this seminar was to create awareness about current situation of smog in Lahore. Air Quality Index (AQI) of Lahore has been comfortably crossing the threshold for a ‘hazardous’ level of air quality which is 300 for the last three weeks.  Infection Prevention and Control Foundation, Health and Hygiene took a significant step to cater to this problem.