We as a country always claim ourselves to be Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The political struggle waged by Founding fathers, led by one of greatest politician Muhammad Ali Jinnah, for creation of separate homeland, where majority could live free from discrimination and bias of Hindu Supremacist was TWO NATION THEORY. Events in India today substantiate that Muslims and Hindus were and are two separate nations. The systematic annihilation and humiliation of vast majority of about 180 Million Muslims who chose to live in India and the brutality by Cow Vigilante groups are proof if any was needed.

However our claim of being an Islamic state puts us under some mandatory obligations to adopt morals and ethics which Holy Prophet(PBUM) always stressed upon, which include justice and equal opportunities for all citizens, including the minority, irrespective of their faith, creed or sex. Appointments to public offices must also be made strictly on merit.

Can those who claim to be guardians of Islamic norms and principles explain whether an octogenarian who was involved in an incident in 2008 accused by his live-in girlfriend and partner of physically assaulting her, be suitable for reappointment at age of 74 years. The former permanent ambassador evaded arrest by NYPD citing diplomatic immunity. Although the complainant Marijana Mihic withdrew her complaint after reconciliation etc.

My question to those at helm, especially in light of PM Imran’s address at UNGA is - Will such a person manage to get clearance if this was an appointee of USA, UK, Germany, Canada etc, where public office holders are scrutinized to a higher level of moral ascendance, than that applicable to common citizens?