LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) President and former prime minister Ch Shujaat Hussain has questioned the logic behind pursuing former president Pervez Musharraf’s case, saying it would benefit none. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Shujaat said instead of wasting time on Musharraf’s case, focus should be on ensuring welfare of masses. “Musharraf case is not going to solve people’s problems,” he opined. Shujaat said he had asked his legal experts to file an appeal in the Supreme Court so that it could be determined as to who was really responsible for the current price hike, unemployment: previous governments or the present government. 

He said that all politicians who were cheating the people through hollow sloganeering should be exposed. PML-Q president said the nation was still to come out of the effects of the dharna culture, and in these circumstances opening new fronts would not be a wise step.  He said that there was a tendency in elected representatives to get involved in petty matters instead of concentrating on the welfare and wellbeing of masses. Shujaat said his party would support anybody who would focus on resolving people’s issues, rather than indulging in trivial matters.