KARACHI            -               Sindh Governor Imran Ismail on Tuesday said that no society could progress without the promotion of education. It was imperative that intelligent students should also be equipped with modern education.  In this regard, addressing the 14th Convocation of ILMA University, the governor announced a grant of one million for scholarships to the intelligent and needy students studying at ILMA University, according to a statement. In his address, he said, “I am happy to see a large number of medal holders among the students, who need to take full advantage of their potential for the betterment and development of the society.”  He added that the present Prime Minister firmly believed that the best society could be formed only by implementing merit. In this regard, the Prime Minister made decisions keeping the likes and dislikes aside and his best decisions had started yielding results and had begun to reach the masses.  Imran Ismail said that according to the report of an international organization, by 2024 Pakistan will be included in the list of countries on which 70 percent of the world economy would depend.  Later, the Sindh Governor distributed gold, silver and bronze medals among the students and also distributed excellence awards among those who served in various fields.