KARACHI-A warrior emerging from the shadows! Actor, producer, screenplay writer Shaz Khan stars in the upcoming international film with renown Hollywood based Pakistani actor, producer Farhan Tahir.

We got to see a sneak peak of ‘Ibby’ played by Shaz Khan in ‘The Martial Artist’. An intense picture of the character in training.

An International film with predominantly Pakistani actors where Shaz Khan is cast as protagonist. A sports action drama dealing with the main characters rise into the MMA world, suffering a horrific loss, returning to his roots thus having a spiritual awakening that leads to his comeback.

For the past year, Khan has gone through intense MMA training to prepare for this role.

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport with some of the best athletes in the world.

The perception of these warriors is often hard and misconstrued. Shaz is extensively training in boxing, Muay Thai and jiujitsu with some wrestling as well.

We’re getting young Robert Dinero in ‘Raging Bull’ vibes. In fighting attire with gloves, tatted up, the character seems to be honed in on his next fight.

The dim lights imply the effect of constant practice which could be representative of training consecutively through the night, even when all the lights are out, the character seems to be dedicated to fulfilling his ambition or rather his destiny.

Shaz went through copious amount of training to achieve the aesthetic which would best reflect his character. The idea of showing a fighter as the lead character is to reframe how people view MMA in general. Martial Arts is a complex mix of art and science. In this film we will get to see the world through a fighterslense. We can’t wait to see the film once it’s released!