As per press reports a young girl of 17 residing in Syed Mohalla in Daud Village near Khairpur Mirs in Sindh, died instantly when a visiting snake was killed (Oct 23). Surprisingly, the brother of the victim (name starting with R), Qaim Ali Shah while talking to local newsmen confirmed the incident took place and termed it as miracle. He said his sister made hue and cry asking for not to kill the snake visiting their home but they had to do so to avoid possible snakebite to her. On Oct 22, the neighbours and inmates of the house jointly tried to kill the snake but the girl made hue and cry requesting not to do so. As soon as they killed the snake and threw its dead body outside the home, the girl fell down and expired instantly. There were two possibilities behind this incident. First, her death may occurred due to pressure from unseen natural mysterious powers. Second, she may be the victim of Karo Kaari and this drama was staged to hide the killing of the girl. Someone may investigate this thoroughly. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, October 25.