In a strange development, the US government has denied entry into USA to Rohan Coombs, a US Marine, 43, who served in Japan, Philippines and Iraq for six years, according to an Associated Press (AP) report on October 24. This has exposed on one hand the US immigration policy, and on the other, non-availability of American born servicemen for deployments for war beyond borders. Coombs was born in Jamaica, then moved to US legally as a child with his family and was taken into services there. Coombs is another man, who served America, faced death for the sake of Americans, risked life to become a POW on behalf of Americans, but got locked up in an immigration detention center and facing deportation from the country he had vowed to defend. This is how America treats those who fight for it, who extend hands of friendship to it, who safeguards its interests in other countries, beyond borders, in Afghanistan or Iraq. The saying goes America is a friend of nobody, and Henry Kissinger rightly said that friendship with America is more harmful than enmity. Pakistan has been the ally of the US since virtually its inception, it has lost thousands of lives in the war against terror since 2001, the war still goes on, yet the outcome of the Strategic Dialogue in Washington, proved that the US was no friend of ours. ALYA ALVI, Rawalpindi, October 26.