President Karzai, who is only too happy to play the role of US stooge in Afghanistan and is apparently the last man to badmouth it, has, however, observed, in cold light of the day that the US security firm Xe Worldwide (previously known as Blackwater) is muddying the waters in Afghanistan. His statement that Xe was adding fuel to the Afghan war is a damning indictment of the companys role in the war on terror. It confirms the general perception that the outfit has been behaving like a butcher, not like a civilised security firm. It must not be forgotten that Xe is now facing the music in US courts on account of its bloody operations in Iraq. Though Karzai had recently announced that all private security firms would be asked to leave Afghanistan, his remarks make it quite clear that Xe would also be given marching orders. However, he had stated at the same time that some of the firms would be allowed to stay to provide security to engineers and builders. Under the circumstances, allowing the firm to function in Pakistan would amount to putting our head on the chopping block. If a US puppet could have the guts to publicly blow the lid off Blackwater, then why cant our leaders wake up from their slumber and call a spade a spade. Although, a few months back, ISI Chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha conveyed to the top political leadership in no uncertain terms that foreign forces were involved in creating unrest in Pakistan, his advice appears to have fallen on deaf ears. Xe continues to spread its tentacles throughout the country. Worse still, it was disconcerting to see our embassy issuing visas to an entire army of US covert operatives. Despite hundreds of reports showing the criminal activities of these security contractors, it is outrageous that the Interior Ministry is adamantly denying their existence in Pakistan. One wonder whether there is some sort of a secret agreement between the government and the US to allow these hired killers to run amok on our soil?