SC verdict over 18th constitutional amendment regarding appointment of judges is historical. The petitioners also deserve a pat on the back. The verdict has apparently enhanced respect and honor of the lawmaking body and invariably strengthened it. Parliament has always been claiming that it is superior and as such no other authority can poke nose in its affairs. It is also being claimed that the democracy has been strengthened. What about masses? Who would improve law and order situation in the country? Who would reduce killings of innocent people all over the country especially in Karachi. What about drone attacks and suicide attacks? Has real democracy been established in the country? I shall have a new lease of life when welfare of people will be promoted. I wait for the day when disparity between the rich and poor will end and there will be social justice. I wait for the day when corruption will be eradicated from government departments and poverty removed. I wait for the day when Pakistan will be turned into a welfare State. Everyone would be a proud Pakistani then. GANGLY KHAN, Lahore, October 25.