President Barack Obama is expected to visit India this November. Finishing touches to the tour itinerary are in motion, while spin doctors on both sides are weaving yarns about the fruits to be reaped by both; indeed, the US and India have entered this conjugal tie willingly as consenting partners. America is eying Indias size as a viable market for its products, including its defence production and nuclear reactors, the sale of which would definitely boost the sagging US economy. India, on the other hand, despite its earlier Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) leanings and being a Soviet protg, has always dreamt of entering the US fold. However, as President Obama embarks on hissojourn to India, it is hoped that being an astute statesman, he will sift through the chaff of spin doctoring and perceive grains of truth. The Indian Army Chiefs statement, about China and Pakistan being imminent dangers to India issued at this juncture, should be viewed in the same light. The warped Brahmin mentality has issued the proclamation seeking to woo US support to contain China and ensnare Pakistan in the bargain. Unfortunately, although Indian atrocities in Kashmir have been heightened in the past six months, with over a hundred of Kashmiri youth massacred, yet Indias ploy to keep President Obama from the truth seems to be working. The US President had taken cognisance of the Kashmir imbroglio and rightly recognised it as nuclear flashpoint during his election campaign, promising to mediate. However, in the post-elections melee, Indian supplicants have managed to make Obama forget his solemn promise to help resolve the Kashmir issue. However, it is imperative that Obama persuades the Indian leadership to resolve the Kashmir dispute, according to the UN resolutions. Bringing succour to the Kashmiris will also facilitate USAs plans to create conditions for an amicable withdrawal from Afghanistan and prepare grounds for the next Presidential elections to enable the Democrats regain the presidency. Obama has no plans of visiting Pakistan during his trip to the subcontinent; however, he has given a vague hint of visiting Pakistan during 2011. Skipping Pakistan not only gives the wrong message to both the masses in India and Pakistan, but also implies an inbuilt insult to a strategic partner and ally in the war on terror. This move, indeed, glorifies India and belittles Pakistan. The Indian propaganda machine cleverly projects its security needs showing its obligations to safeguard the economic interests of the US and West. Indians are spending huge amounts to purchase conventional and nuclear arsenals from the world over. The perils of Indian military build-up blow fearful commotion in South Asia leading to an arms race. Being an ambassador of world peace, President Obama must take into cognisance the regional tension and avoid initiating an arms race in South Asia. Perhaps, Obama needs to take a leaf out of former US Ambassador Ryan Crockers October 12, 2010, article entitled Pakistan is not Americas enemy, and pay heed to some sound advice coming from a seasoned diplomat, who has served long stints in Islamabad and Baghdad under the most trying conditions (2004 to 2009). First, the US should appreciate Pakistans challenges and support its government in dealing with them. Second, the US should not carry out cross-border military actions, they are clearly counterproductive, and not just because the US hits the wrong target. If NATO can carry out military actions in Pakistan from the West, Pakistanis wonder, whether it encourages India to do the same from the east? Third, with Pakistans government (as with Afghanistans), the US must be private in its criticism and public in its support. Fourth, any talks between the US-Taliban or Afghanistan-Taliban must be transparent to the Pakistanis. The Obama administrations counsel to Pakistan that the existential threat to it is not India, but extremism within its own borders is not going to bring solace to Pakistanis. The US President should learn a lesson from David Camerons recent statement, when carried away by Indian hospitality, he chastised Indias western neighbour, which brought him ridicule and hate in Pakistan. It is hoped that Obama will be pragmatic in his approach when he visits India and will not sacrifice Pakistans interests at the altar of friendship with India. On the other hand, Pakistan should seriously start contemplating a future without US support. The writer is a political and defence analyst.