It has been reported in the prestigious Science Journal of USA dated 13-08-2010 that the Dengue fever was transmitted by Aedes aegypti also known as the yellow fever mosquito. This originated in Africa but has colonized tropical and subtropical areas around the world. Recently the dengue fever is reported to be spreading in Pakistan and Lahore. This mosquito has been identified in Holland in old tyre shipments from Miami in U.S.A. What is required is a massive spraying programme in Lahore and elsewhere where the incidence of dengue fever is reported. The abysmal failure of Health Departments EDO (Health) to control the spread of mosquitoes and disease resulted in his suspension but that is of little solace to hundreds of patients of Dengue fever which is a highly morbid disease resulting in hemorrhages in the body. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, October 25.