On Thursday September 30, Selection Board of the University of Peshawar conducted interviews for the post of Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science. A total of 5 candidates, all lecturers of the department, appeared before the board. Two of the candidates who had veils on their faces were harassed by some members of the Selection Board and the discussion with them revolved around only against the wearing of the veil. They were not asked academic or research questions. One of the candidates had 19 years teaching experience as lecturer while the other one had a long list of 15 research publications. Both candidates are employees of the university in the Department of Computer Science. It was not written in the advertisement that females with veils on faces cannot apply. Now the situation is that both the candidates are extremely depressed by the attitude of the members of the Selection Board including the Vice Chancellor himself. SHER ALI, Lahore, October 25.