ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - Ahmed Shehzad, who last played for Pakistan during the Caribbean tour in May, has said that he was not dropped from the national team over performance issues, but due to 'non-cricketing reasons'. "Performance was never the issue. I feel the issue for my dropping from the team was something else and even I don't know exactly what this issue was," quoted Shehzad, as saying. "Now there have been changes at the Pakistan Cricket Board and we have a new Chairman in place, everything should be different and I am determined to go and meet the new Chairman and discuss my situation with him soon," he added. Shehzad also refuted the bad boy image that some have tried to portray of him, and expressed hope that he would now be able to wipe the slate clean with a new hierarchy in place at the helm of the PCB. "I feel my omission was unfair and was based on non-cricketing reasons and I definitely want to go and speak with the new Chairman with a view to clearing up any issues. I want to make a fresh start from now onwards," the batsman said. "I made two international centuries at such a young age within the space of a couple of months and then came back to the Twenty20 side where I did well. I have a lot of faith in my ability," he added.