NOOR PUR THAL Though, the professional beggars are having a roaring business and there are no concrete steps to curb the menace. Nowadays, groups of beggars mostly women and children are seen begging in markets, shopping centers, roads and streets in Thal. The shopping malls in the city are also amongst the choicest business locations for beggars. It is said that no ordinary beggar could do business at such sought out locations, because they were covertly 'auctioned by corrupt elements in police and other related departments for some money. The beggars are seen everywhere particularly in the city. Several groups of beggars have occupied main traffic signals mainly on main roads where one can see a lot of children and women thronging at vehicles asking for alms. The beggars use new techniques to attract people, as their sole purpose is to take money from them. They claim they are not professional beggars but are forced to beg due to some tragedies. These tragedies include needing money due to serious illness of self, parents or children, workplace accidents, prolonged joblessness due to one reason or another. They often manage to get sympathy of their listeners with their tragic tales told in tear-filled emotional voice. Mosques and other religious places are also amongst the most lucrative sources for the professional beggars. A large number of women and children beg regularly on roads and streets from dawn to dusk. The departments concerned were somehow reluctant to take any action against these beggars particularly professional ones. The citizens said that professional beggar is considered a blemish on the face of a civilized society. It is also an indication of weakness of administration and police to implement the anti-beggary laws. The government should give a serious thought to the issue and launch a massive drive against the professional beggars with the help of the police, philanthropists and other social organizations.