The Prime Minister has re-laid the foundation stone of Diamir Bhasha dam on 18-10-2011 and has stated that this dam was the result of a consensus built by the Prime Minister while politicians misled the people on Kalabagh dam which was not built as a result. The Prime Minister ought to have pointed out as to which partys politicians misled the people which was nothing short of enmity to the nation in depriving people of the benefits of Kalabagh dam. Even now Prime Minister ought to utilise his consensus building talent that is genetically programmed in his saintly genes to rally the provinces around Kalabagh dam. The nation would be thankful to him as this consensus might qualify him to get a noble prize for peace for benefiting the 180 million people of Pakistan to lift them out of impending hunger and famine and also disease to infuse a new life in our nation. Allah may bless him in his efforts as it is better late than never for Kalabagh dam. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, October 25.