SWABI - The entire staff, including Assistant Sub Inspector of Sherabad police post, has been suspended and a judicial inquiry has been ordered in a police torture killing case here on Wednesday. Police official said that a Utility Store was looted by unidentified thieves at Manki Main Market on October 17. Iftikhar Khan, the owner of the store, registered an FIR against unknown thieves at Sherabad police post. The police arrested Atlas Khan and his son Hukam Khan they went under through interrogation and the police tortured them in their custody but they had made clear that they were not involved in the looting. Both Atlas and his son Hukam Khan were released when a former councilor approached police. However the former was succumbed to his injuries at night while his son was in critical condition. People early in the morning alleged that Atlas was not died of a natural death and his sudden demise was caused by the police torture. The brought both injured and dead into main Swabi Jahangira road, blocking it for all kinds of traffic. Within minutes the demonstration turned strong and even the students of the colleges and surrounding regions joined them. They were demanding judicial inquiry suspension of the staff involved in the torture and registration of the FIR against the Sher Abad policemen. They were chanting slogans against the police, alleging that they were indulged in the torture of innocent people. Some of the violent protesters picked up arms and marched towards Sher Abad police post. The police opened fire over them to block their march into the police post. Eyewitnesses said that the people also retaliated. They said some of the protesters entered the post, damaged the walls, policemen boxes and their worthies and badges. However, some local politicians dashed to prevent complete destruction of the post. Road remained blocked for six hour and none of the vehicles was allowed either from Jahangira or District Headquarter side causing great difficulties for the commuters. Those who were in way to Peshawar and Islamabad diverted to motorway while the local suffered. When contacted District police officer Muhammad Ejaz Khan said that a judicial inquiry of the incident has been ordered, determining the cause of the death of Atlas. In addition, he said the entire staff of Sher Abad police post has been suspended and son of the victim has registered an FIR. Registering FIR, son of the deceased said that his father was so severely tortured that he turned unconscious and finally succumbed to his injuries. He said he was also critically injured but survived the torture. He alleged that Farooq Zaman, ASI and some other policemen who he knew were responsible for their agony. He alleged that they were also demanding Rs 25,000 as a bribe for their release. He said electric shocks were given to them and there were clearcut signs of the power current over their body. The people including this correspondent have seen the signs of the electrically currents clearly visible over the bodies of the victim and his injured son. The elders and politicians demanded that there is great need to check the unlimited power used by police in the investigation process.