LAHORE - Punjab University has produced four PhDs in fields Biochemistry, Applied Psychology, Urdu and Education. PU awarded PhD degrees to Muhammad Tayyab S/o Maqsood Ahmad in the subject of Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) after approval of his research thesis entitled Hydrolytic Enzyme(s) from Newly Isolated Thermophilic Strain from Pakistan. The PU also awarded PhD degree to Subha Ahmed D/o Moinud Din Ahmed in the subject of Applied Psychology after approval of her research thesis entitled Wellbeing After Natural Disasters; Resources, Coping Strategies & Resilience, Azmat Rubab D/o Nazar Abbas Asghar in the subject of Urdu after approval of her research thesis entitled Tradition of Tadveen e Matn in Urdu in 20th Century and Anjum Naz D/o Ghulam Rasool got her degree in the subject of Education after approval of her research thesis entitled An Investigation of Misconceptions of Biology Students at Secondary Level and Effectiveness of Inquiry Approach as a Conceptual Change Instructional Strategy. The candidates have completed their theses under the supervision of Prof Dr Naeem Rashid of PU School of Biological Sciences (SBS), Prof Dr Ruhi Khalid Director Institute of Psychology Beaconhouse National University, Dr Zahid Munir Aamir of PU Department of Urdu, Prof Dr Muhammad Zafar Iqbal (retd) of PU Institute of Education & Research (IER), respectively. Symposium at PU: Punjab University College of Engineering and Emerging Technologies in collaboration with Society of Corrosion Engineers Pakistan will organise national symposium on Corrosion and Corrosion Control today (Thursday) at ICET. Book published: Punjab University College of Pharmacy faculty member Dr Nadeem Irfan Bukharis book titled Bio pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics: An Activity Based Learning has been published. The book is being used as manual in the subject of bio-pharmaceutics in 4th professional of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D).