MULTAN (APP) - The three clocks of over a century old clock tower building have started ticking after decades of dysfunction, officials said on Wednesday. Time is treasure and Multanites have started getting a sight of Pakistan Standard Time (PST) on the three big clocks. Two clocks were made operational earlier this month and the third one on Tuesday last, thanks to the efforts made by district government with the cooperation of a world renowned watch company RADO, an archaeology department official said. However, efforts were now being made to make an electronic system a part of each clock to create a sound that should echo after every hour to be heard all over the city, Incharge archaeology department Multan Ghulam Mohammad said. The clock tower building was built during the British rule, around 130 years ago. It was unclear when and how the clocks developed fault and stopped functioning, however, an official said that he had been noticing these clocks dysfunctional since 1985, the year of his first posting in Multan. Each clock has a five feet diameter. Their dial is original, however, the old traditional machinery behind had been replaced by electronic equipment powered by solar power. Needles had also been replaced by new ones. DCO Zahid Zaman Akhtar would formally make the clocks operational once the sound system i.e a set of Mic and speakers are installed there. It may be noted that an over Rs 40 million project was under execution to convert the clock tower monument into a museum and over 50 per cent work on its restoration and conservation had been completed, Ghulam Mohammad said. The project would be completed after the release of remaining funds.