KARACHI - An all parties conference hosted by the Jamaat-e-Islami on Wednesday demanded that the government should nationalise the Karachi Electric Supply Company to bring an end to the peoples miseries regarding prolonged loadshedding and inflated billing. Representatives from various political, religious, unions and civil society including Ayaz Mengal from Pakistan Peoples Party and People Workers Union, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Syed Nisar Shah, General Secretary Shahzad Khan of Labour Union KESC and others attended the moot. It was demanded during the conference that since the agreement had been broken by the KESC to provide uninterrupted supply of electricity to the citizens, its privatization must be terminated. The speakers at the conference condemned the increase of tariff by Rs3.4 per unit and demanded that the increase must immediately be withdrawn as it is extreme injustice to the citizens of Karachi. They added that the citizens were already paying high amount of taxes. They said that the electricity tariffs should be equal in all cities of Pakistan. They said that the agreement among all parties including KESC administration and labour unions must be implemented under the supervision of the Sindh governor, the chief minister and the Karachi administrator. They said that all the terminated employees must be reinstated immediately whereas all their dues and salaries be paid to them. The speakers said that black sheep must be identified and thrown out of the organization as they were a burden on the shoulders of the company. It was said during the meeting that the KESC was not producing electricity by running its power plant to full capacity. They demanded that the government should force the people at the helm of affair at the KESC to increase power generation to cater electricity needs of Karachi. They further demanded that all charge sheets against the labours must be dropped whereas those responsible in harassing the KESC employees and workers must be punished according to the law. The administration is deputing inexperienced worker replacing the older staff, they said, demanding that older staff be reinstated to their original position so that the working of the organization can get better. KPC actively participates in flood relief: Karachi Press Club President Tahir Hassan Khan has declared that the press club has nothing to do with the Fact-Finding Committee formed by certain unscrupulous elements to ascertain to reasons of floods and its affects. In a statement issued here on Wednesday, he said that neither the KPC had constituted any such committee nor it had any connection with it. He said that the Press Club and its members were stood by with their flood-affected brothers to share their difficulties. He said during last years flood, the KPC had set up medical camps at various places and same was the passion in current years floods.