ISLAMABAD - The lobbying for securing the slot of Prosecutor General National Accountability Bureau was at its peak and the interested candidates were using their clout in the party top hierarchy to win over the priced slot in the countrys ace accountability department. Sources aware of the development informed that a number of senior lawyers associated with the Peoples Lawyers Forum had geared up lobbying for the slot of Prosecutor General NAB after the appointment of Chairman NAB who under the NAB Ordinance would appoint Prosecutor General. A number of ministers were also in the field to get their candidate installed as Prosecutor General NAB but the candidate having the backing of one of the close confederate of President Asif Ali Zardari would be considered as favourite to clinch the slot. Earlier, with the support and blessings of the same person the said candidate become the judge of Islamabad High Court but had lost the position when these judges were removed following the Supreme Court of Pakistan direction. Sources in Pakistan Peoples Party informed that a number of senior party leaders had jumped into the arena only to stall the plans of that Presidents buddy to get the person of his choice installed as Prosecutor General NAB. Meanwhile, the sources in National Accountability Bureau informed that there was no such move on the cards and Chairman NAB Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokhari was in no mood to appoint some controversial person or a lawyer having overt allegiance with PPP as Prosecutor General NAB. These sources further said that Admiral Bokhari would defer the appointment of Prosecutor General NAB till the time the court would take up the petition challenging his appointment as Chairman NAB. The slot of Prosecutor General NAB fell vacant when on the direction of Supreme Court of Pakistan the former Prosecutor General NAB Ahsan Qadir was removed from his post because the court found serious anomalies in his appointment process.