ANKARA (Agencies) - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif Wednesday called on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul separately and expressed his condolences over earthquake losses in Turkey. Nawaz told the Turkish leaders that people of Pakistan have always stood by their Turkish brethren in difficult times and they share the grief of those affected from the recent quake. He said that Pakistan will continue to provide all possible help to Turkey in hard times. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan also discussed with President Abdullah Gul important issues of common interest. During the meeting Nawaz said that the Turkey and Pakistan understand each others problems and both countries faced tough times in the past. Turkish president remarked that internal crises and conflicts had consumed important time of the two countries, stressing that they should now focus on development and prosperity of their peoples. Earlier, speaking on Pakistani foreign policy and security issues of the region at a seminar of the International Strategic Research Organisation (USAK), Nawaz stressed the need for devising comprehensive plan for eliminating terrorism from the region. Nawaz said that terrorism should be opposed in every way and there cannot be any excuse for violent actions either from state or non-state actors. He said he believes that the sovereignty of the states should be preserved and roots of terrorism should be addressed as well. The existing economic, social, political and cultural ties among the countries in the region should be developed in order to destroy the circumstances that breed terrorism. The PML-N leader pointed out that Pakistan and Afghanistan have always had organic ties with regard to culture and social life, and also said that Pakistan wants to see a sovereign Afghanistan. He asserted that Pakistan has no exploitative interest in Afghan soil while saying that the Pakistani policy regarding Afghanistan was not limited to one political party or another; rather it was a national policy based on the acknowledgement of the strong historical, cultural and economic relation between the people of the two countries. If there is no peace in Afghanistan, there cannot be any peace or stability in Pakistan, he said. Concerning relations with India, the former prime minister pointed out that India and Pakistan should be able to find a way to resolve their differences in a peaceful way. He stressed that he fully believes in a peaceful solution to Kashmir dispute. In terms of the economy, he said, there will be no economic growth in South Asia unless Pakistan and India resolve their differences. Therefore, he stressed, for the sake of the two countries in particular and the region in general, the two countries are very important and should find a way to work together through peaceful means. The PML-N president began his speech by extending his condolences and warm feelings to the victims of the Van earthquake. Then, he pointed out the close ties between Turkey and Pakistan. He said that Turkey has always been an encouraging example not only for its neighbours but also for the other Muslim countries. He said that the assistance and support from Turkey to Pakistan in hard times such as earthquake or floods have always been welcomed. He also pointed out that both countries are blessed with strategic importance, with Turkey being at the crossroads between Asia and Europe and Pakistan being in the heart of South Asia. Nawaz said that bilateral economic and political cooperation should be extended even more and that will help both the countries achieve development as well as to contribute for peace and stability of the region.