BEIJING (APP) Pakistans Ambassador in China Masood Khan has said that Pakistan has benefited a lot from Chinese investment. Talking to media persons on the sidelines of a conference here, he said Pakistan has reassured Chinese investors that the country's investment environment is safe and secure. Pakistan, he said, has also welcomed more Chinese enterprises to engage in projects related to infrastructure construction, energy and resources, port development as well as other sectors in the neighbouring country. He pointed out that the government has taken special measures to ensure protection of China's 120 projects and over 13,000 workers in Pakistan. The conference co-hosted by the International Center for Communication with China's Tsinghua University and the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing, is one of the events celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Pakistani diplomatic ties. To a question regarding law and order situation, Ambassador Khan said that "I think the common perception that the whole of Pakistan is insecure is not true. Vast parts of the country are secure for foreign investment." Chinese personnel, their workplaces, accommodation, as well as movement in-between are provided with extensive police and security coverage, he noted. "We also take precautions to guard against malicious designs by some forces so that Chinese in Pakistan are not targets", he said adding that "Chinese have been doing a wonderful job in contributing to the economy and development of Pakistan." Chinese investment projects in Pakistan mainly include hydropower, thermal, nuclear and alternate energy sectors. Pakistan's ambassador says his country envisions Chinese investment of more than 11 billion dollars in the energy sector during the next five years. Talking to the media, Professor Li Xiguang, the Director of the Tsinghua University Pakistan Center for Cultural and Communication, said there are promising prospects for Chinese investment in Pakistan since the regional security conditions are getting better with the United States' decision to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. "I think if the US withdraws all its troops from Afghanistan, there is likely to be peace in the region. Pakistan and Afghanistan will be ready to develop their economies in a peaceful environment," he observed. Li further said that both Afghanistan and Pakistan are willing to choose China as their most important trading and investment partner because China is quite trustworthy and is the only country among the world powers that has never colonized any country. The relations between China and the two south Asian countries are based on mutual respect, mutual benefit and cooperation," he said. China plans to set up the country's second special economic zone (SEZ) in Kashgar in the northwestern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which borders Pakistan and Afghanistan. Professor Li opined that the SEZ will promote trilateral business and trade links. Li also mentioned that oil and gas from Turkmenistan and Iran will be transported through Pakistan by pipelines rather than through the sea route via the South China Sea. The move will ensure China's energy security.