QUETTA - Pakistan Railways workers Wednesday vented their rage over the death of a pensioner in Lahore. A large number of workers stage a demonstration on a railway track at the Quetta railway station, calling for stepping up efforts to save the department from collapse. The protesters, carrying placards and banners, chanted slogans against the Pakistan Railways management and the federal government for halting the department funds. Addressing the protesters, the speakers demanded measures to better the department, saying that the Pakistan Railways was being pushed toward collapse through a plot. They called upon the authorities not to privatise the department. The protesters blamed the management for the death of the pensioners, saying that the administration was responsible for the death of Mahmood Khan who died while waiting for his turn to get his pension. They expressed their sympathy with the bereaved family. The protested resented privatisation, saying that through a plan, the department was being privatised that would render thousands of employees jobless. However, they vowed to thwart such bid.