As per media reports Pakistan Railways has temporarily stopped the services of 115 trains due to the shortage of locomotives, fuel and funds. Pakistan Railways forms the lifeline of the country by catering to its needs for large scale movement of freight as well as passenger traffic. One was, therefore, not only surprised but shocked to listen to the insensible apathy of the honourable Federal Minister of Railways Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour - towards such a dire situation when while addressing a press conference the other day he said, So what, countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia have no railways either Does the honourable Minister wish Pakistan to be reduced to the level of Afghanistan in this respect or can he comprehend the strategic importance of the railways for the mass movement of the troops, tanks and military vehicles during an emergency? In any other country the minister responsible for such an abysmal deterioration would have resigned but probably that doesnt apply to us where a Chief Minister calls a degree a degree whether fake or genuine and another politician publicly not only admits to be corrupt but considers it to be their right to be corrupt God save Pakistan, amen. COL. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, October25.